About Me

My name is Katie Braylyan, I’m a Master Lash Artist, Bella Lash Master Educator, studio owner and working Lash Technician.

I started in this industry as an aesthetician  providing a range of different treatments to women and, over time, realized that I have a passion for eyelash extensions. My initial eyelash extension training  was in New York by one of the great educators for Lash Affair. But it was only a beginning of my journey. I have taken courses classic and volume from all over, USA, Australia, Canada and of course Russia. With not being very regulated in Connecticut, anyone can do lash extensions, but are they properly educated to provide this service? I believe if you will be in this industry, be educated and don't stop learning!!  So now I am a Master Educator for Bella Lash and provide a beginner level two-day class that covers everything you will need to know including the highest quality care in eye health and safety.

My Goal

At Polaris Lash Studio, lashes are my passion.There are a lot of salons to choose from that offer eyelash extensions as an added service, but Here we specialize in them! At Polaris Lash Studio, I can proudly demonstrate an outstanding level of quality in applications and use premium products to achieve beautiful, long lasting results. I only use the the highest quality products. My goal is to select the proper weight and length so you may wear your extensions indefinitely. The health of your natural lashes is my top priority. .

My technique

Protecting client's own natural lashes is my main concern. I only use pharmaceutical grade adhesive which never come in contact with your skin. I apply eyelashes about 1mm away from your skin to avoid eye irritation. I was well-trained and have all the certifications I need to ensures state compliance with sanitation and safety procedures. I always try to give customers more than what they expect to get. I do not charge customers by the numbers of lashes I apply, nor the application time, but completion of our work and services.


-Bella Lash Classic Lash Extensions

-Bella Lash Master Educator Classic Certification

-Bella Lash Master Educator Volume Certification

-Lash Affair - Classic Lash Extensions

-Lash Tribe - Classic Lash Extensions

-Lash Tribe - Volume Lash Extensions

-Lash Tribe - Six week Biz transformation

-Angel Wings - Advanced Volume Lash Extensions

-London Lash Pro - Volume Lash Extensions

-Elleebana Lash Lift Certification

-Elleebana Henna Brow Certification

-Brow Code Certification

-PCA Skin Care Certification

-Microdermabrasion Certification

-Academy Di Capelli Aesthetics Certification

-Bloodborne Pathogen Certified

-OSHA/CDC Certification

-Barbicide Certified/Barbicide COVID-19 Certified

-Milady Infection Control Certified

-Certificate Working on mistakes of lash extensions in the industry

-Certificate Eyelash  Master Class

-Brow Code  Brow Lamination

-Certificate in chemistry behind lash extension glue

-Workshop lash lifts and product understanding

-Workshop Russian Volume/Mega Volume

--Continuously proactive in the lash industry taking part in trade shows, events and organizations.


Come and experience the difference
Tucked away in a private studio, I approach each clients lashes with unique lash design and customizable lash experience, so you can rest assure that your lashes will be safe, beautiful and perfect for your style. There are thousands of different looks we can achieve with our customized eyelash styling technique.

Meet the Team

Meredith Waite

Lash Artist & Aesthetician

Meredith has over 15 years experience in the beauty industry . This includes make up and esthetician experience in New York, Boston, and Connecticut. She was a part of New York fashion artistry team for Nars, Laura Mercier, Stila cosmetics , and Kevin Aucoin. Her experience also includes Brow shaping, speed waxing , facials, laser hair removal, brow laminations, and lash lifts. She is also Yumi certified and Elleebana certified.

-Yumi Lash Lift certified
- Ellebana Lash Lift certified

-Elleebana Henna Brow Certification
-Licensed Aesthetician

-Barbicide Certified/Barbicide COVID-19 Certified

-Milady Infection Control Certified


With a deep rooted passion for enhancing her clients natural beauty, Meredith's success is continuously fueled by her clients excitement!

Angie Clapps

Lash Artist & Wax Specialist

My name is Angie Clapps, I am certified Lash Artist and Waxing/Sugaring technician.
I successfully completed training in Belle Academy of Cosmetology in May 2021. Performed multiple private trainings in NYC.
Have experience in Brow Shaping, Brow Lamination and Lash Lamination .
I take pride in complementing your already glamorous look with individual lash extensions. Driven by passion and customer focus, I continues to keep up with the ever changing trends in the Beauty Industry, offering the latest technologies and best materials to my clients. I strive for perfection and want to continue offering my services to make my clients feel beautiful and make their life so much easier with their new lashes and brows. My number one priority is your natural lash health. Let's create your ideal look.



-Bella Lash Classic Lash Certification

-Belle Academy Classic Lash Certification

-Ignatova School of Sugaring

-Albina waxing certification New Your

-BOM lash lift and Brow Lamination

-Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift

-Elleebana Henna Brow

-Barbicide Certified/Barbicide COVID-19 Certified

-Milady Infection Control Certified


Meet the Team

Greta D'Amours

Microblading Expert

Greta started in the beauty industry as a cosmetologist. She has over 10 years of experience specializing in facials. Her goal is to help others achieve beautiful, healthy skin. Greta graduated STCC college and holds a professional Cosmetologist license. She also completed graduate courses (Microdermabrasion; Chemical Peel; Acne Treatment; Customize Facial) at The Dermal Institute in Boston, MA.
A couple of years ago while looking into new ways to improve her skills and try the latest innovations and techniques in the beauty industry Greta found herself interested in permanent makeup. She mastered new skills at one of the most prestigious worldwide recognized permanent makeup schools – Phi Academy. In 2016 Greta became certified Phibrows Artist and in 2019 was also certified us Phi Removal specialist. Her attention to details allows Greta to achieve results clients would love! Greta is continuously perfecting her craft, training with the top specialists from Europe, Canada, and USA.